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Project Camoflauge


In December 2022, Project Camoflauge was started. During ensuing winter storms, we saw the need to send emergency aid to communities 

put in critical condition facing due to inclimate weather conditions.

For Who

Project Camoflauge was directed to students in RRISD who need assistance with clothes and food. The clothes and food we provide assist students in camouflaging into their school as they make the transition out of homelessness.

Why This Solution?

Project Camoflauge was run by kids for other kids. We know what it feels like to be in a high school. Every single action and decision in project camoflauge was maximized to help disadvantaged RRISD students.

What We've Done

Project Camoflauge raised 3000+ cans, hundreds of clothes, taught essential life lessons to volunteers, and assisted a variety RRISD students through our efforts. 

Get Involved



Volunteers are expected to deliver on tasks assigned and show up on time for all events.


Most of our volunteers are students. However, if an adult would like to volunteer please send us an email!


Become a part of our team! Applications are open NOW until September 9th: Fill this form out.


Internships can be considered for volunteers that demonstrate exceptional passion, honesty, and commitment to our cause. This opportunity will be highly beneficial for you to see the inner workings of a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, and help us influence our community, one project at a time.

Goals met

Goal #1: Raised 3000+ items

Goal #2: Teach volunteers the background of RRISD homeless students

Goal #3: Make an impact!

Current Project

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